PH1 World Developers Sees Growth in Sales

PH1 World Developer has achieved an extraordinary 108% sales growth in the past year, surpassing their sales targets and enticing a diverse clientele both locally and internationally. This success highlights the company’s ability to deliver results while exceeding expectations.

A notable 83% of clients have expressed their belief that PH1 World Developer’s brands are a sound investment. This vote of confidence serves as a testament to the company’s achievements and the trust it has garnered from clients. The driving force behind this success lies in PH1 World Developer’s disruptive approach to Philippine property development, exemplified by their renowned The Hive Residences, My Enso Lofts and Modan Lofts developments. Recognizing the monumental achievement of the sales team, PH1 World Developer celebrated their success during the Sales Conference held last March 29, 2023. The conference served as recognition of the team’s dedication and efforts in achieving their sales targets. With their sights set on continued success, the company is poised to further revolutionize the Philippine property development landscape and exceed client expectations.