Sun, Sand, and Sales: A Day of Fun for our Horizontal Communities’ In-House Sales Team

The sun shone brightly as the Horizontal Communities’ in-house sales recently gathered for the long-awaited team building activity. With the theme “One Team, One Dream,” the event fostered unity, collaboration, and a shared vision among team members. It was a memorable day filled with fun, laughter, and valuable connections.

Fueled with engaging get-to-know activities, the much-anticipated event allowed team members to deepen their understanding of one another. It was an opportunity for every attendee to truly appreciate each other’s unique strengths and aspirations.

The highlight of the day was the exhilarating “Amazing Race.” The teams thrived on the spirit of healthy competition, pushing each other to new heights of collaboration and determination as they solved puzzles and completing physical challenges. The event ended with smiles on everyone’s faces as they spoke volumes about the success of the day. The in-house sales team had transformed into a unified force, ready to conquer any challenge that lay ahead.

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With “One Team, One Dream,” we believe that together, we can make extraordinary things happen.

PH1 World Developers Sets the Stage as the First EE Community in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Following the successful groundbreaking ceremony, Ph1 World Developers made another significant stride forward by officially opening the San Jose Del Monte Sales Gallery. The event was well-attended, with guests treated to an enjoyable experience that included entertainment, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a blessing, and the traditional throwing of coins.

The Sales Gallery opening gave guests an exciting preview of the forthcoming Energy Efficient community, showcasing the unique features and innovative designs that will define this remarkable residential development. It was an important milestone for Ph1 World Developers, demonstrating the company’s progress towards its vision of developing Energy Efficient communities that seamlessly integrate innovation, aesthetics, and sustainability. This event served as an opportunity to connect with the neighborhood, and further reinforced Ph1 World Developers’ commitment to creating a truly exceptional residential development that prioritizes savings for the homeowners and saving mother earth at the same time.

Horizontal Communities’ Sales Group Expands Broker Network for San Jose Del Monte Project

The brokers’ community has been abuzz with excitement as PH1 World Developers successfully hosted a series of informative seminars, drawing brokers from far and wide. This four-day extravaganza marked the expansion of the brokers’ network and showcased the highly anticipated horizontal development of PH1 World Developers in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. With overwhelming attendance and a palpable sense of excitement, the event was a resounding success, establishing the foundation for a promising future for real estate in the area.

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PH1 World Developers Breaks Ground on First Horizontal Community in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Ph1 World Developers recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for its first-ever horizontal community in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, marking a significant milestone for the company. The event saw a large turnout of employees, top executives, business affiliates, technical and design partners, and local barangay officials, all of whom expressed their excitement for the project. This successful launch of the horizontal segment has generated a tremendous response from both potential investors and the local community, suggesting a promising future for the development.

The event also saw Ph1 World Developers and Megawide enter into a significant contract, marking the beginning of a strategic partnership between the two companies. The signing ceremony reinforced their commitment to delivering excellence in the transformative development project. The property is set to become Ph1 World Developer’s flagship horizontal community, with numerous innovative developments planned for the future. This partnership between two industry leaders brings together expertise, resources, and a shared vision to create a truly exceptional residential development.