PH1 World Developers Crowned Top Global Brand (Real Estate Developer) at 2023 Brand Asia Awards

In a resounding triumph, PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) has been awarded with the title of Top Global Brand (Real Estate Developer) at the 2023 Brand Asia Awards, this achievement represents company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the real estate sector across Asia and the Pacific.

This award serves as a recognition of PH1WD’s relentless pursuit of disrupting property conventions and delivering extraordinary. PH1 World Developers remains dedicated to reshaping the landscape of real estate with a continued focus on creativity, quality, and unparalleled commitment to excellence.

PH1 World Developers’ Real Estate Investment Forum Continues in Tokyo, Japan

PH1 World Developers carried forward the momentum of their Real Estate Investment (REI) Forum, bolstered by the steadfast support of the Philippine Assist Group. This collaborative effort culminated in an event that was not just about real estate but also about empowerment and knowledge-sharing.

The forum served as a dedicated platform to equip and enlighten our kababayans who participated, underscoring PH1 World Developers’ commitment to not only disrupting property development conventions but also nurturing the aspirations of the community it serves.

PH1 World Developers Joins Philippine Festival at Yoyogi Park

On the weekend of November 25-26, 2023, PH1 World Developers joined the Philippine Festival held in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, at Yoyogi Park. Amidst the lively atmosphere, the event served as an excellent avenue for cultural exchange, drawing in a diverse audience comprising both Filipinos and Japanese locals.

PH1 World Developers took advantage of this unique opportunity to spotlight its extensive array of offerings, capturing the attention of attendees with a showcase that reflected the company’s commitment to disrupting property conventions through innovation and engineering technology. PH1 World Developers continue to play a pivotal role in fostering connections and sharing the essence of its real estate prowess on the international stage.

PH1 World Developers Hosts Exclusive Real Estate Investment (REI) Forum in Tokyo, Japan

Last November 24, PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) hosted an exclusive Real Estate Investment Forum in Tokyo, Japan. In collaboration with Global Strategy Real Estate (GSR), the event provided Japanese investors with unique insights into PH1WD’s innovative developments.

The forum not only showcased the company’s commitment to international partnerships but also served as a platform for fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration within real estate investment. As PH1 World Developers continues to expand its global footprint, this event stands as the company’s dedication to creating extraordinary opportunities for investors worldwide.

PH1 World Developers’ Showcase First-ever Extraordinary Event

In an extraordinary move to disrupt the real estate landscape, PH1 World Developers showcased its groundbreaking innovations and technological advancements during their first-ever Extraordinary Event held last September 29.

The focal point of the event was the grand unveiling of two extraordinary projects: Modan Lofts Ortigas Hills in Taytay, Rizal, and Northscapes in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Through projection mapping, attendees were treated to a tantalizing glimpse into the future of real estate envisioned by PH1 World Developers. The event, with its climactic visual presentations, provided a clear vision of the company’s innovative path forward.

Among the esteemed guests were influential figures, including local government officials, media representatives, key partners, and prominent personalities from the real estate industry. Together, they witnessed PH1 World Developers continue to disrupt property conventions and redefine the future of real estate. Stay tuned as we reshape the future, one innovative project at a time.

Modan Lofts Ortigas Hills, My Enso Lofts earn high commendations at PropertyGuru Philippine Property Awards

Extraordinary developments Modan Lofts Ortigas Hills and My Enso Lofts received accolades at the PropertyGuru Philippine Property Awards in September 22.

The commendation for “Best Condo Development (Luzon)” for Modan Lofts Ortigas Hills recognizes its excellence as a condominium development located outside Metro Manila within the Luzon area. This acknowledgment highlights Modan Lofts Ortigas Hills’ adherence to high standards and commitment through “Extra Space at No Extra Cost” that offers residents to live extra.

My Enso Lofts achieved commendations in two key categories. Firstly, for “Best Lifestyle Development,” My Enso Lofts stood out by demonstrating a clear vision for the residential and commercial aspects of the development, aligning with specific target markets and lifestyle preferences. Additionally, in the category of “Best Mid End Condo Development,” My Enso Lofts excelled by providing “Extra Space at No Extra Cost” with an average unit price within the PHP 150,000 to PHP 250,000 per sqm range.

The PropertyGuru Philippine Property Awards 2023 commendations presents PH1 World Developers’ commitment to redefine living standards and provide extraordinary developments to the Philippine real estate market.

PH1 World Developers Receives Two Awards at The Outlook 2023: Philippine Real Estate Awards by Lamudi

PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) received two awards at The Outlook 2023: Philippine Real Estate Awards by Lamudi last September 21, 2023. PH1WD received the “Real Estate Innovation of the Year” and silver award for “Best Boutique Developer in Luzon.” These distinctions are a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of disrupting property development norms by offering “Extra Space at no Extra Cost.”

The award for “Real Estate Innovation of the Year” highlights PH1WD’s commitment to addressing the pressing issue of the housing backlog in the Philippines. The company continues implementing progressive building solutions to create spacious and functional living spaces.

In addition to the innovation award, PH1WD was also honored with the silver award for “Best Boutique Developer in Luzon.” This recognition underscores the developer’s focus on meeting the specific aesthetic and functional needs of its clientele through boutique developments. PH1WD’s commitment to offering extra space without additional costs has resonated with clients, solidifying its position as a leading boutique developer in the Luzon region. These awards showcase PH1WD’s dedication to delivering quality and innovative real estate developments to the Philippine market.

My Enso Lofts named Best Loft Type Condominium by Dot Property Philippines

My Enso Lofts clinched “Best Loft Type Condominium” during the Dot Property Philippines Awards in September 14, recognizing the development’s commitment to offering a unique and spacious living experience.

My Enso Lofts’ key feature, the “Add-Loft Technology,” providing “extra space at no extra cost” propelled the development to the top of the list.

My Enso Lofts redefines the condominium experience by offering residents extra room to breathe without the additional price tag. The inclusion of the Add-Loft design in the units adds an element of versatility, enabling residents to make the most of their living space according to their unique needs and preferences. This customer-centric approach to urban living stood out in the eyes of the DOT Property Philippines Awards panel, securing My Enso Lofts’ well-deserved victory in the Best Loft Type Condominium category.

As My Enso Lofts continues to thrive and provide innovative solutions, this recognition reaffirms PH1 World Developers disrupting the real estate industry. The development’s emphasis on practicality, comfort, and value for money has undoubtedly made it a top choice for those seeking a distinctive and spacious condominium living experience in the Philippines.

PH1WD Secures Php 3 Billion Loan for Extraordinary Project

PH1 World Developers, Inc. (PH1WD) has achieved a momentous milestone with the successful signing of a Php 3 billion Developmental Loan from BDO Unibank. The ceremony took place on August 8, 2023, held at the My Enso Lofts (MEL) showroom in Quezon City.

Present were key members of PH1WD’s leadership team, including Chairman Edgar B. Saavedra, President & CEO Gigi V. Alcantara, and Chief Financial Officer Michelle B. Zabal.

Representatives from BDO Unibank were Executive Vice President & Corporate Banking Head Cecillia Luz Tan, First Vice President & Corporate Banking Unit Head Sophia Ong, and Vice President & Corporate Banking Team Head Jose Mari Carlos.

The Php 3 billion loan secured by PH1WD is earmarked for the development of My Enso Lofts, the company’s flagship vertical project in Timog, Quezon City.

My Enso Lofts introduces PH1WD’s innovative concept “Extra Space at No Extra Cost,” through its unique Add-Loft Technology that delivers additional living spaces in each unit at no extra cost to the buyer.

PH1WD expresses its heartfelt gratitude to BDO Unibank for placing their trust in My Enso Lofts.  

“PH1WD is honored to partner with BDO Unibank for this exciting and game-changing development. The transaction marks a significant milestone for PH1WD, giving a seal of approval on the MEL’s prospects and establishes our company’s credit worthiness as a legitimate player in the industry,” said Alcantara.

Expanding to European Market: PH1 World Developers Makes Its Mark

PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) marked its entry into the European market with a roadshow from June 15 to 29, 2023, in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland.  

PH1WD received overwhelming positive response from the European market, particularly on its value proposition of “Extra Space at No Extra Cost,” which brings better value to buyers.

Among the extras that customers can expect are extra floor-to-ceiling height, maximized by an extra loft space in each unit; and extra pre-installed features such as air conditioning, cabinets, range hoods, etc. that are not typically part of condo unit packages.

PH1WD will continue its expansion to more European markets in the coming months. Don’t miss out on the extraordinary opportunity to experience “Extra Space at No Extra Cost” by PH1 World Developers.

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