PH1 World Developers’ Real Estate Investment Forum Continues in Tokyo, Japan

PH1 World Developers carried forward the momentum of their Real Estate Investment (REI) Forum, bolstered by the steadfast support of the Philippine Assist Group. This collaborative effort culminated in an event that was not just about real estate but also about empowerment and knowledge-sharing.

The forum served as a dedicated platform to equip and enlighten our kababayans who participated, underscoring PH1 World Developers’ commitment to not only disrupting property development conventions but also nurturing the aspirations of the community it serves.

Northscapes San Jose del Monte Triumphs with Prestigious Awards Just Four Months After Launch

In a remarkable feat, Northscapes San Jose del Monte, launched in September 2023, has secured two prestigious accolades at the Carousell Property Awards 2023. The Best Green Development and Best Housing Development titles were proudly claimed by Northscapes San Jose del Monte, marking an outstanding achievement for the project in just four months.

The award ceremony, held at The Westin Manila in Mandaluyong, saw General Manager for Horizontal Developments, Mr. Eric Gregor Tan, graciously receiving the coveted awards on behalf of the Northscapes San Jose del Monte team. In expressing his pride, Mr. Tan noted that achieving such recognition shortly after the official launch is a testament to the dedication and excellence of the entire project team.

Securing the Best Green Development award underscores Northscapes San Jose del Monte’s dedication to energy-efficient features in its design and construction. The Best Housing Development accolade further recognizes the project’s exceptional qualities in delivering comfortable and high-quality living spaces. With only four months in the market as of writing, Northscapes San Jose del Monte has seen exceptional response from homebuyers. The positive turnout in sales is evident, with its 70% sold. The awards not only serve as a recognition of the project’s quality but also as an assurance to prospective buyers that they are investing in a truly exceptional development.

The Carousell Property Awards 2023 further elevated Northscapes San Jose del Monte’s standing in the real estate industry, establishing it as a noteworthy player in green and housing development. As the project continues to garner attention and acclaim, it sets a high standard for future endeavors PH1 World Developers’ horizontal segment to continuously reinforce their commitment in the real estate landscape.

PH1 World Developers Joins Philippine Festival at Yoyogi Park

On the weekend of November 25-26, 2023, PH1 World Developers joined the Philippine Festival held in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, at Yoyogi Park. Amidst the lively atmosphere, the event served as an excellent avenue for cultural exchange, drawing in a diverse audience comprising both Filipinos and Japanese locals.

PH1 World Developers took advantage of this unique opportunity to spotlight its extensive array of offerings, capturing the attention of attendees with a showcase that reflected the company’s commitment to disrupting property conventions through innovation and engineering technology. PH1 World Developers continue to play a pivotal role in fostering connections and sharing the essence of its real estate prowess on the international stage.

PH1 World Developers Hosts Exclusive Real Estate Investment (REI) Forum in Tokyo, Japan

Last November 24, PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) hosted an exclusive Real Estate Investment Forum in Tokyo, Japan. In collaboration with Global Strategy Real Estate (GSR), the event provided Japanese investors with unique insights into PH1WD’s innovative developments.

The forum not only showcased the company’s commitment to international partnerships but also served as a platform for fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration within real estate investment. As PH1 World Developers continues to expand its global footprint, this event stands as the company’s dedication to creating extraordinary opportunities for investors worldwide.