PH1WD Secures Php 3 Billion Loan for Extraordinary Project

PH1 World Developers, Inc. (PH1WD) has achieved a momentous milestone with the successful signing of a Php 3 billion Developmental Loan from BDO Unibank. The ceremony took place on August 8, 2023, held at the My Enso Lofts (MEL) showroom in Quezon City.

Present were key members of PH1WD’s leadership team, including Chairman Edgar B. Saavedra, President & CEO Gigi V. Alcantara, and Chief Financial Officer Michelle B. Zabal.

Representatives from BDO Unibank were Executive Vice President & Corporate Banking Head Cecillia Luz Tan, First Vice President & Corporate Banking Unit Head Sophia Ong, and Vice President & Corporate Banking Team Head Jose Mari Carlos.

The Php 3 billion loan secured by PH1WD is earmarked for the development of My Enso Lofts, the company’s flagship vertical project in Timog, Quezon City.

My Enso Lofts introduces PH1WD’s innovative concept “Extra Space at No Extra Cost,” through its unique Add-Loft Technology that delivers additional living spaces in each unit at no extra cost to the buyer.

PH1WD expresses its heartfelt gratitude to BDO Unibank for placing their trust in My Enso Lofts.  

“PH1WD is honored to partner with BDO Unibank for this exciting and game-changing development. The transaction marks a significant milestone for PH1WD, giving a seal of approval on the MEL’s prospects and establishes our company’s credit worthiness as a legitimate player in the industry,” said Alcantara.

Expanding to European Market: PH1 World Developers Makes Its Mark

PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) marked its entry into the European market with a roadshow from June 15 to 29, 2023, in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland.  

PH1WD received overwhelming positive response from the European market, particularly on its value proposition of “Extra Space at No Extra Cost,” which brings better value to buyers.

Among the extras that customers can expect are extra floor-to-ceiling height, maximized by an extra loft space in each unit; and extra pre-installed features such as air conditioning, cabinets, range hoods, etc. that are not typically part of condo unit packages.

PH1WD will continue its expansion to more European markets in the coming months. Don’t miss out on the extraordinary opportunity to experience “Extra Space at No Extra Cost” by PH1 World Developers.

For more information you may contact PH1 WD at:

09175706396 or

PH1 World Developers Named as One of Philippines’ Top Ten Developers 

PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) is among the Philippines’ best in real estate as it was named among the Top Ten Developers in the 2023 BCI Asia Awards Philippines in an awards ceremony held last June 16, 2023 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza.  

BCI Asia Awards is a highly anticipated award in the industry, naming Top 10 firms in property development, building and design industry, and sustainability that has been running since 2003. It is held at seven Asian territories namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

PH1 World Developers’ partner architect, Edward Co Tan + Architects (ECTA) was also awarded as one of the Top 10 Architects this year, with PH1WD’s Modan Lofts among their recent projects.  

PH1 World Developers: Disrupting Property Standards 

PH1 World Developers is a disruptor in Philippine property development offering its trademark “extra space at no extra cost” for its My Enso Lofts and Modan Lofts developments. This provides extraordinary value to clients as they can get as much as 18 sqm. extra space at no extra cost in their units.

My Enso Lofts is located in Timog Avenue, Quezon City, and Modan Lofts is located in Taytay, Rizal. These locations not only offer affordability for buyers, but also proximity to the metro. 

PH1WD partnered with award-winning engineering innovator, Megawide in constructing these projects. Megawide uses state-of-the-art precast and ready-mix concrete technologies to ensure faster turnaround times and higher standardization in construction.  

PH1 World Developers previously received awards from Property Guru in 2021 and just last year from Brand Asia Awards. 

Celebrating Philippine Cultural Day in Copenhagen

PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) made history by participating in the first-ever Philippine Cultural Day held at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen.

The event, which was held on June 17, 2023, was a vibrant celebration of Filipino culture, bringing together kababayans and locals from Copenhagen.  

PH1WD had the privilege of sharing real estate opportunities in the Philippines.

PH1 WD continues to make strides in the global real estate market while bridging cultures and extraordinary relationships.

Courtesy Call with Philippine Ambassador in Denmark

During the Denmark leg of PH1 World Developers’ (PH1WD) European roadshow, company representatives had the privilege of meeting the Philippine Ambassador to Denmark, Leo Herrera-Lim.

PH1WD presented the company’s plans and pipeline to the ambassador which marked the beginning of a stronger connection between the company and Filipinos in Denmark.

PH1 World Developers Offerings Captivate Local and International Clients

PH1 World Developers is revolutionizing the industry by attracting not only local clients but also a growing number of international investors. With their approach and commitment to delivering extraordinary value, PH1 World Developers has captured the attention and trust of the Japanese investors.

With this good response from the Japanese market, PH1 World Developers participated in this 2023 Philippine Expo event held in Ueno Park Tokyo, Japan from June 9-12, 2023.

The expo attracted a diverse mix of clients such as OFW’s and Japanese locals, providing an ideal platform for showcasing PH1 World Developers’ offerings. The company set up a booth which featured a virtual reality (VR) experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the project.

PH1 World Developers showcase their innovative offerings during the event, featuring The Hive Residences, My Enso Lofts, and Modan Lofts projects, all offering extraordinary value the consumers.

PH1 World Developers will continue to disrupt the Philippine real estate industry with Megawide, the leading infrastructure company in the Philippines, with this partnership PH1WD ensures faster turnaround times, quality construction, and exceptional development.

PH1 World’s Strengthens Broker Network in US

PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) had their US Network Training and open house event last March 8 to April 12, 2023, in collaboration with their brokerage partner, Bahay sa Pinas (BSP). As part of their global mission to establish strong networks and expand connections, PH1WD has prioritized building a broker network, starting in the western region of the United States.

The US Network Training conducted by PH1WD and BSP was an initiative aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of their network partners. Through their training sessions, participants gained valuable insights into the Philippine real estate market. This equipped them to better serve the needs of Filipino investors residing in the US. By empowering their broker network with in-depth knowledge, PH1WD ensures that their customers receive exceptional service and assistance throughout their real estate journey.

Brokers who undergo training are equipped with a deep understanding of the Philippine real estate market, including the latest trends, regulations, and investment opportunities. This enables them to provide valuable guidance and support to potential and current customers. With a strong broker network backed by PH1WD’s commitment to excellence, investors in the US market can confidently navigate the intricacies of real estate and make well-informed decisions.

As PH1WD continues to expand their reach and offer valuable opportunities to investors in the US market, their partnership with BSP and the training provided to brokers remain a foundation of their success. Together, they ensure that customers receive top-notch service, reliable information, and personalized assistance, elevating the overall real estate experience for all parties involved.

PH1 World Developers Sees Growth in Sales

PH1 World Developer has achieved an extraordinary 108% sales growth in the past year, surpassing their sales targets and enticing a diverse clientele both locally and internationally. This success highlights the company’s ability to deliver results while exceeding expectations.

A notable 83% of clients have expressed their belief that PH1 World Developer’s brands are a sound investment. This vote of confidence serves as a testament to the company’s achievements and the trust it has garnered from clients. The driving force behind this success lies in PH1 World Developer’s disruptive approach to Philippine property development, exemplified by their renowned The Hive Residences, My Enso Lofts and Modan Lofts developments. Recognizing the monumental achievement of the sales team, PH1 World Developer celebrated their success during the Sales Conference held last March 29, 2023. The conference served as recognition of the team’s dedication and efforts in achieving their sales targets. With their sights set on continued success, the company is poised to further revolutionize the Philippine property development landscape and exceed client expectations.

PH1 World Developers Sets the Stage as the First EE Community in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Following the successful groundbreaking ceremony, PH1 World Developers made another significant stride forward by officially opening the San Jose Del Monte Sales Gallery. The event was well-attended, with guests treated to an enjoyable experience that included entertainment, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a blessing, and the traditional throwing of coins.

The Sales Gallery opening gave guests an exciting preview of the forthcoming Energy Efficient community, showcasing the unique features and innovative designs that will define this remarkable residential development. It was an important milestone for PH1 World Developers, demonstrating the company’s progress towards its vision of developing Energy Efficient communities that seamlessly integrate innovation, aesthetics, and sustainability. This event served as an opportunity to connect with the neighborhood, and further reinforced PH1 World Developers’ commitment to creating a truly exceptional residential development that prioritizes savings for the homeowners and saving mother earth at the same time.